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Project Overview

Play is a collaboration with Jack White and Ian Kinsler’s baseball company, Warstic and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The 3 minute short film evokes the cinema of Nicolas Roeg and Spike Jonze with its handheld camera work, detached protagonist and digital cinematography.  Another theme of the work is the use of wood which is used both in craft of creating a baseball bat and the use of creating a violin and bow. The work was a commission from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and features their section violinist, Lydia Umlauf.


Lydia Umlauf, Violin

Denise McGovern, Producer

Andrew Alden, Director and Composer

Caleb Karrenbrock, Director of Photography

Travis Beverly, Gaffer Blair Liikala, Lead Audio

Austin Martinez, Support Audio

Ace Cowen, Production Assistant

Analiese White, Production Assistant

Warstic x Dallas Symphony Orchestra- Play
Behind the Scenes
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