Alley Network For Black Lives

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent revitalization of the movement for black lives, on June 2nd, millions of people posted black squares on social media to show “support” for the movement.

While #BlackOutTuesday was ultimately criticized as performative, ineffective, and even counterproductive, it also presented an opportunity. In hopes of sustaining engagement among many white people expressing their allyship publicly for the first time, we decided to start sending weekly messages with questions, resources, and action items to all those we knew who had posted a black box on June 2nd. 

As the idea evolved, we moved from social media, to a Slack group and weekly Zoom meetings. We collectively agreed to focus our efforts on three issues: Anti-Racist Education, Voting Rights & Outreach, & Defunding the Police. And 13 weeks later, the Ally Network for Black Lives is still evolving. 

What we know: There’s power in collective learning. There’s power in group accountability. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And as white people, we all have a profound responsibility to dismantle white supremacy and fight for an anti-racist future.

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