31 Days of Horror: Day 1

Welcome to October at Obscura Broadcasting Company! We are huge fans of October (our co-founders birthday month!) because it's Halloween season and we LOVE horror films (if you haven't heard, we made a horror film that will be released soon). During this wonderfully spooky time of year, you would normally find Andrew touring around the country performing music to silent films like Nosferatu (we have a show in Detroit next week! See it live), but COVID-19 has made our usual October activities difficult, so we are trying something new new instead! More on that is a second.

Famous Last Words is our filmmaking podcast that started a few years back but could never quite find its sea legs. It has a mix of content: reviews, interviews, discussions, and games, but eventually we went on hiatus. During the first months of quarantine, we were inspired to talk to Detroit filmmakers over Zoom and released it as a mini-series Filmmakers in Detroit. (this will also be released as audio-only on our podcast). Working on interview content again, made us think about our loney podcast and ways that we could bring it back into our lives.

All that is to say: at OBC we like to experiment and try new things even if we can't quite find the right fit. So in honor of our favorite month and one of our favorite genres of film, we are bringing back Famous Last Words with its first series, 31 Days of Horror.

Every day in October, we will release a review of a horror movie that we either have never seen before, or one that holds a special place in our heart. We going to explore cult classics, genre-bending stories, cannon horror, and modern films – some good, some not so good. Without further ado, here is episode one of 31 Days of Horror with Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) AND A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987). (We couldn't help ourselves with the first episode, we had to give you a little bonus content.)

– Andrew & Teresa

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