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Shining Backwards & Forwards.m4v.00_17_0
Project Overview

"The Shining was a film intended to be viewed forwards and backwards simultaneously" alleges the 2012 documentary, Room 237. Starting as a series of images set to string quartet it was developed as a commission from an anonymous donor for private showings in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Rochester.


Violin 1: Andrew Dunlap
Violin 1: Christina Eastman
Violin 2: Ben Kronk
Violin 2: Ting Davidson
Viola: 1: Ben Pochily
Viola 2: Michael Staffeldt
Cello 1: Nathaniel Ortega
Cello 2: Philip Lee
Percussion and Composer: Andrew Alden

Recorded and Mastered by Shelby Bedzyk

The overlook Hotel Clips and Segment
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