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Oisin Stack

Head of European Production and Actor
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Oisín Stack is an Irish-French actor/director working between the UK, France and the USA. Born in Dublin he grew up between Ireland, France and the UK, at 18 he traveled South America for 2 years with a street theatre company. At 21 he studied in Paris the Cours Florent's “Class Libre” and then at 22 was admitted to the CNSAD (National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Arts ) in Paris.  


Some theatre credits include: End Game (Paris, Théâtre de Nell), Nous Les Heroes, (Paris, Théâtre de l’Epée de Bois), Mr Puntilla and his Man Matti (Paris, Théâtre du Cours), The Precious Ridiculous, (Paris, Théâtre 13), The Lower Depths (Paris, Théâtre de Nell), The Stupidity (Paris, Théâtre Ouvert), The Visionaries (Paris, Theatre du Conservatoire), The Story of Babar (Paris, Théâtre du Jardin), Hamlet (Paris, Théâtre des Amandiers), “Intendance” (Paris, Théâtre Gérard  Philip), Goodbye Autumn (Paris, Théâtre Czerczuk)

His on screen acting credits include: Since I left you (OBC, A. Alden), Missions (OCS, J. Lacombe) Dangerous Creation (OBC, A. Alden) , Eight for Silver (DJ Ent. S. Ellis), Burning Casablanca (Mont Fleuri, I.El Iraki), Absentia (Amazon, K. Adamik), Blood out of a stone (short, B. Allen), Redwater (BBC/RTE, J. Nielson), Mata Hari (Star Media, J. Berg) , Rosemary’s Baby (NBC, A. Holland) , Un Village Français (Tf1, J-P. Amar ) ,  Détective (FR2, B. Bertrand) ,  Résistences (TF1 D. Delrieux) , Pas son genre (L.Belvaux) , Malavita (Europacorp, Luc Besson) ,  Interpol (TF1, L. Lévis) ,  Impossible n’est pas Frainçais » (Europacorp/TF1, J. Vivante) , Ce jour là, tout a changé (FR3, J. Malaterre) ,  King Guillaume ( M. Lavale) 


His directing and producing credits include: The resistible rise of Arthuro Ui (Théâtre de Lanne, director) , Séisme (Théâtre du Grand T, producer) , Carnivorous Animals (Théâtre de La Place, producer) , This Dancerie (New York, LaMama Theatre, director), Dangerous Creation (OBC, producer) ,  L’endroit pas droit (La Machine du Moulin, director) , Since I left you (OBC, producer)


Oisín regularly trains in New York with Susan Batson and Bob MacAndrew. He has translated 2 plays by the Chilean playwright Cristian Soto, from Spanish to French and one play by French author Jean-Marie Besset from French to English. He also co-writes, acts and produces for independent film company OBC among others.

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