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Dangerous Creation (2021)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal Independent Film Festival - 2022.png
Best Female Lead - Paris Play Film Festival - May 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Calella Film Festival - 2022.png
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Best Feature Film - Paris Play Film Festival - May 2022.png

A young woman struggles to find her identity and purpose until she discovers a profound and mysterious novelist. After being invited to attend his writing fellowship, she begins to mentally unravel and is forced to face her privilege and her past.


Created by Andrew and Teresa Alden

Written and Directed by Andrew Alden


Elijah Harris - Izaya Spencer

Nina - Kaitlyn Valor Borque

Nathaniel - Oisin Stack

Harker - Phil Leslie

Lucy - Asia Marie Hicks

Richard - Dalton Hahn

Tim - Brennen Thompson

Gaby  - Jo Champagne

Georgina - Camille Nicole

Marta - Mandy Logsdon

Rodger - Joshua Bootz

Young Nina - Amelia Karr

Charlotte - Kayla Von

Red Rain Jacket Girl - Alex Borque


Writer/ Director - Andrew Alden

Director of Photography/ Writer - Teresa Alden

Production Sound - Cody Wansedel

Editor - Teresa Alden

1st AD - Oisin Stack

2nd AD -  Reed Sawyer

Driver/Stand-In/PA - Olivia Welford

Additional Casting - Evan Sawyer

Sound FX - Kirsten Carey 

Music - Andrew Alden

Additional Music - Neil Freebern

Vermont BTS - Jason Luria

Promotional Photography -  Sarah Smarch

Dangerous Creation crowdfunding Video
Behind the Scenes

Izaya Spencer
Top Ten Influences

8. Identity

5. House on Haunted Hill (1999)

2. Jeepers Creepers

10. Scream

7. Blacula

4. House of 1000 Corpses

1. The 13th Ghost


6. The Strangers

3. Hostel

10. Alien

8. Poltergeist

6. The Dead Don't Die

3. It

9.Bird Box

7. 1408

5. Cloverfield

2. A Quiet Place


Kaitlyn Valor Bourque
Top Ten Influences

4. Prey

1. Get Out

11. The Skin I Live In

9. The Vanishing

6. Alien

3. Rosemary’s Baby


Andrew Alden
Top Ten Influences

8. The Thing

5. House (Hausu)

2. Night of the Hunter

10. Let the Right One In

7. The Shining

4. Night of the Living Dead

1. Nosferatu

Oisín 3.jpg

Oisin Stack
Top Ten Influences

10.His house

7. Tales from the hood

4. Night of the living dead

1. Antebellum

12. Blade

9. US

6. JD’s revenge

3. Get Out

11. Master (2022)

8. Beloved

5. Blacula

2. MO

10. Suspiria

8. Rosemary's Baby

5. The Thing

3. The Shining

9.The Tingler

7. The Birds

4. Eyes Without a Face

2. Tale of Two Sisters


Teresa Alden
Top Ten Influences

6. An American Werewolf in London

1. Halloween

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